Fair PharmaCare Plan

Who is eligible for Fair PharmaCare?

All residents of B.C. are eligible for Fair PharmaCare coverage if they:

Temporary coverage starts the same day you register by phone or online, based on the income information you provide.
Coverage is for families, not individuals. A family can be a:

  • Single person
  • Married or common-law couple
  • Single person with dependent children
  • Couple with dependent children

If one or more family members do not meet eligibility requirements, other family members can still register.

See Children and students for more information about dependent children.

What does Fair PharmaCare cover?

Fair PharmaCare covers some:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmacy services

See ​What BC PharmaCare covers. Use the PharmaCare Formulary Search to see which which drugs are covered (click on a drug’s DIN/PIN/NPN in your search results to see coverage details, including plans).

Important: Fair PharmaCare does not cover costs from previous years or from times when the family’s MSP coverage was not active.

What you need to register?

For all family members:

  • Personal Health Number (found on the back of your driver’s licence or BC Services Card)
  • Birth dates

For you and your spouse (if you have one):

  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Income from your tax return from two years ago, including:
    • Net income (line 23600)
    • Any income from a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) (line 12500)

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